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Vision is Vital

Have you ever had a goal or a desire to do something, yet you quickly were discouraged?

Have you ever tried to be more disciplined to do something or to not do something, yet you quickly threw away your restraint and gave up?

I, for sure, have been there! I have learned to take my good idea, my good goal, or my good desire, and think through it, analyze it, create a vision for it. When you have a vision and know your "why" or your purpose for these new habits, new goals, and disciplines in your life, you will likely find true, lasting motivation and the ability to follow through with it.

Because life, sickness, distractions, comfort, other priorities, time away, and so many things are competing with that goal and purpose, it is VITAL and necessary to keep your vision before you. You have to remember it. You have to go back to it over and over.

Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people are discouraged."

Another version, "Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint."

Vision encourages us.

Vision helps us stay disciplined and focused.

Vision is your "why."

This is applicable in all areas of life! We need vision for so many things if we are to continue to be intentional, live with purpose, and make a difference!

I personally have vision for my family, my marriage, and raising my kids.

I have a vision for outreach and intentionally engaging with friends, neighbors, others.

I have vision for my health and fitness.

I have vision for grad school.

When I consider adding something in my life, I first ask why I would do this, is it going to compromise those other visions, and I count the costs and consider what it is going to take to follow through and if I have what it takes.

I also think we need from time to time to sit down, recalculate and reconsider our vision, make adjustments and changes--that may mean, making goals smaller and more attainable or expanding them and continuing to grow. It may mean taking things off your plate to better keep priorities or adding things that you can take on in particular seasons. This is especially a great practice at the beginning of the year and new seasons of life, but I also like to do this during the middle of the year, before the new school year, or during a busy season of life. I do not have a regular schedule to doing this, but I do it regularly. This fits my personality, while other personalities would benefit with a schedule of like every 3 months sitting down and evaluating.

I challenge you to do this right now--as you go into the second half of this year. Or, perhaps, think and pray about this for the rest of the summer and sit down so you are ready August 1st (or whatever date is good for your life) and create a vision as you go into the new school year or into the fall.

Some people will go so far as to create vision statements--my husband does this. But, everyone doesn't necessarily need to do that, but I do think everyone benefits from thinking through vision, purpose, and keeping that in front of you.

So, I ask you, what is your vision? What do you need a vision for?

Here is an incredible article from Desiring God on self-discipline that I think touches on this.

Here is a great podcast from Revelation Wellness that will challenge you to create a vision and even lead and direct you on how to do it with a six step process.

There are so many ways and options of "having a vision" and "keeping that vision." You have great freedom to do this in a way that is going to work for you! Do it your way, but please do it!

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