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Workout & ENGAGE!


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4 Core Messages
4 More Messages
4 Bonus Messages

4 Core Messages
4 More Messages

4 Core Messages

FREE Workouts!


Engage Guide

We want to help you use fitness as a tool for sharing the Gospel.  We have develped a Guide to help you know exactly what you can do with those you invite to workout with you!  This free guide has what you need:

  • descriptions of each workout

  • equipment list for workouts

  • questions for deeper conversation

  • recipes for enjoying a post workout treat

Check your email!

Would you like a plan to try all of the Engage Workouts? 
Here are some calendars for you!

We want to ENGAGE with you too!

Please let us know how this has blessed you!

Please share a response you had from a workout or message!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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