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Journey WITH Me in 2021

Looking forward at 2021 as it is just around the corner, there are a few things I'm excited about, and I would love to share them with you. I would be honored to journey alongside you, encourage you, support you, and cheer you on in the journey this year. So, I'm sharing some things I am going to be doing this year--especially at the start, and I'd love to do them together!

Revelation Wellness 21 day Sugarfast (January 11-31)

This is a spiritual fast, unto the Lord, and it contains some very physical elements in pursuit of spiritual, physical, and other kinds of healing. I did the original Sugarfast in 2018, and I learned a lot from that fast. I would love for you to check out more information about The 21 Day Sugarfast at and pray about if this fast is something you are interested in.

I will be sharing more specifically about some things I learned from my Sugarfast in 2018 and reasons I encourage you to do it later this week (subscribe to my site for the full update). Until then, please, check it out, pray, and ask the Lord if He would lead you to the Sugarfast. If you decide to do it, go ahead and sign up, and let me know--I will check in with you regularly, encourage you, and cheer you on during the Sugarfast!

The Wellness Revelation Book Study

(Wednesdays, 6-7:30am, Feb & Mar)

I am leading a book study on The Wellness Revelation book by Alisa Keeton. This is a 9 week book study in which we dive into and discuss faith, food, and fitness. I believe this is one of the most important tools I offer to others as a fitness professional, and it is one of my FAVORITE ways to help people in their pursuit of health and fitness! This study is not merely a physical pursuit to lose weight, eat healthier, implement good workout habits, which are all VERY good things, and this study does address some of those things!!!

This study goes far beyond those things—it is a spiritual journey of faith! Participants process through some deep topics (idolatry, bondage, heart issues, thought patterns, emotional health), learn how to renew their minds, seek the Lord and His plan, learn how to process through emotions and use them for their good, and also learn some great and practical tools for health.

As a licensed facilitator, I have been trained to journey and encourage others in this book study. I will provide you with tools, links, and resources that you will not get reading the book alone. Plus, I will encourage you personally, pray for you daily (yes, daily), and journey alongside you.

This study will certainly give you a NEW and DIFFERENT perspective on health and wellness. I believe it is foundational to good health—so much so, I require individuals to go through it before I will coach them or provide personal training services. Join me in this study, I would dare say it might be one of the most important things you can do for your physical health for 2021! What a bold statement, but I believe it could be true!

Become a Member at Fitness for the Field


Membership at Fitness for the Field provides you access to monthly workout calendars and gives you access to a library of workout videos for you to choose a workout based on your desires, preferences, health goals, and/or needs. You get to choose if you would like a calendar and schedule that gives you a well-rounded fitness program (cardio, strength, high-intensity, and flexibility) or if you would like the freedom to choose from a variety of types of workouts categorized to help you for what you need (time, equipment, modality, health focus, and more).

This year, Fitness for the Field will also be rolling out new calendars that will help you reach more specific goals, which will include Habit Forming Calendars, Running--Training & Cross Training Calendars, and Strength Training Calendars. Membership will give you access to all of these calendars. Join Fitness for the Field and become a member now!

I'd love to journey with you--it is one of my favorite things to do!

Would you like to journey with me in 2021?

Let's do this. Email me if you have questions or would like more information.

Otherwise...let's get after it together! Sign up at the links below!

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