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All About Revelation Wellness 21 Day Sugarfast

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

"A Sugarfast? Why?"

"I've already done a Sugarfast. How is this one different?"

"I don't love sugar or eat it that much, so I don't need to fast from sugar.

Would this really benefit me?"

What is the Revelation Wellness 21 Day Sugarfast?

  • A spiritual fast unto the Lord to grow deeper in our relationship with Him.

  • An invitation to reset your body, your brain, and your gut by fasting from sugar.

  • A spiritual discipline to reign in some areas (Sugar, yes, but not limited to--you can fast from Social Media, coffee, phones in your room, any unhealthy habit, Netflix, shopping) to reign in the habits, freedom, and liberties we have taken too far. See some of the ways I fasted in 2018 below.

  • A way for you to have insight into health. I was blown away from SO many testimonies people shared in the previous fast about how fasting from Sugar brought about healing from joint pain, brain fog, levels in blood sugar, energy levels, and weight loss when they had tried so many other things. You might be surprised to have insight into how Sugar affects your health.

  • YOUR fast, and there are multiple ways to do it. You can fast from processed sugar, from all forms of sugar, from soda, from all sweet things (even the sweet taste of sweeteners that have no sugar such as stevia, swerve, etc). You will be led by a health professional to go "hard core" on a Sugarfast or you can chose you own fast. The Lord will lead you in how to do it! If it is obedience to the Lord, it is right!

  • You will get a spiritual devotion everyday along with a teaching on health. This is a WEALTH of information. Even if all you do is read the daily content, it is worth it (and that is an understatement). You also will get a workout calendar, recipes, resources and tools, food journals to print out or purchase, weekly Zoom calls with experts leading the fast. There is SO MUCH goodness!

It is SO much more!!!

***Go to for more information and to sign up.***

More than a Sugarfast!

Gray and I did the Sugarfast in September 2018, and I want to share some extra goodness that came as a result for the fast for us. We experienced so much more than just a physical fast. We also have reaped some good things that the fast brought into our lives:

  • We decided to not take our phones in our rooms (not even upstairs) for those 3 weeks, and we have continued to not have phones in our bedrooms in the evenings and at night since then! Yes, we purchased old school alarm clocks! This has certainly affected our habits, sleep, and intimacy in good ways.

  • I decided to also fast from coffee during the Sugarfast--Whew! It was the first time in about 20 years that I had not had coffee every single day. That was so impactful, I wrote about it here. It rocked my world and also pushed me to process deeper things in my daily time in the Word.

  • I learned a few new good recipes from the recipe suggestions that are provided in the content. We still have a favorite salmon recipe, salad dressing, and lemonade!

  • There is a daily progress calendar which has a short phrase for each day. "Lord, Bind my Flesh" was the first day, and it has stuck with me since then. The flesh is SO strong in day-to-day life. I use this phrase and say it often in my mind when I feel my flesh (my personality, my desires, cravings, fleshly tendencies getting strong). I ask the Lord to "bind my flesh." I want to be led by the Spirit and not the flesh.

  • I had the goal to do more "Be Still and Be Loved" podcasts (this is a time of slowing down, breathing, and meditating on the Word of God). We had links to them in the daily content. I love working out, and I have a harder time to be still, so I made it a goal for me to do these and make these a priority even more than working out while I was doing the Sugarfast. Resting, being still, and meditating on the Word of God is not only a command from the Lord but is so good for our health--some unseen benefits that are powerful!

Some questions others have already asked me:

What is the fee or cost?

You make a one-time donation (suggested $10, but any amount is good) and that is all!

You do not pay me anything additional.

What is my role in this Sugarfast?

I am here to encourage you, pray for you, check in with you, and cheer you on.

I am also hosting a free Virtual Meet-Up on January 30.

Can my husband do it with me?

Yes! Your husband or anyone else! If you share computers, you can make a one-time donation together and share content. Or you can invite others to join you--they can sign up and journey with you! You will certainly get more out of this doing it in community.

What you can be doing now!

Some of you have already signed up! Woohoo! Here are a few suggestions to help prepare your heart and mind for the fast. What a gracious gift to have time from now until January 11 when the fast officially starts to prepare, seek the Lord, and ask Him to lead you clearly!

  1. Pray! Pray and ask the Lord to lead you!

  2. Read Isaiah 58 especially verses 6-12.

  3. Listen to RevWell's podcasts about fasting. 1--5 Do's and Don'ts of Fasting, 2--Why a Sugarfast?, & 3--The Sugar Fast is for Everyone.

  4. Read A Hunger for God (or at least the intro).

  5. Read these blogposts about fasting: Biblical Fasting & Fasting for Beginners.

If you still have questions...please email me. I would love for you to join me in doing Revelation Wellness 21 Day Sugarfast. Sign up, and if you do, please let me know.

I will cheer you on, pray for you, and encourage you through these 3 weeks!

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