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Celebrating 1 year - First Gift/Free Resource - My Weekly Sheet

I am a visionary. I am a dreamer. I see the BIG picture and a lot of "unseen things." Vision is easy for me. It is natural, life-giving, and my default. I have to WORK hard to get out of the "vision," "why," and "dream" of things.

I do not naturally understand time, plan time, keep time, think time, or manage time well. Ask my people...they will tell you. I have to WORK hard on "time." It is such a weird thing. I am a very disciplined, organized, and even a neat person...but time--it is like chaos in my brain. I have been working hard on it this past year because time is important to people, and people are important to me! I want to spend and steward my time well.

I have a weekly planning sheet that helps me! I want to SHARE it with you--maybe it will help you. And, even more, I am sharing why and how I came up with this thing! I am sharing more about my time management (ahem...or lack of). I hope it may encourage some of you--those of you that might get my struggle or be right there with me, and for those of you that have ninja time management skills, maybe it will give you a good laugh to see inside of a brain of someone that is learning. I will keep learning, and I am getting better and better!

Fitness for the Field really pushed me to work on time,

which led me to develop this resource,

so I want to share it with you! Enjoy!


There have been 2 times in my life when I have made leaps and bounds on time management.

1. when I started grad school (January 2018).

2. when I started Fitness for the Field (July 2020).

At the start of these 2 things, I knew that in order to keep my main priorities

1. God 2. my husband and kids 3. my job

my main priorities and not let them suffer, I had to get a grip on my time management.

This time last year, we were finishing plans for the launch of Fitness for the Field, I was mostly scared to death of how it would affect my family. I was scared of warfare. I was scared of it flopping. I was scared of my priorities suffering. I was scared especially of the chaos of time--adding something big on my "to do" list and managing my time well. Whew! Time management scares me--well it used to scare me a lot. Now, I am finding my way!

I had heard of a wonderful planner (thank you she works His way--see their resource page and also check out this amazing ministry), and I got one. The week we started planning Fitness for the Field, I purchased the Day Designer daily planner from Target. I highly recommend the Day Designer Daily Planner. Day Designer is amazing!!! I am not sponsored, paid, or asked to do this...I really am sharing one of my favorite things with my friends! My friends in real life (in-person life) have seen my planner, and many have purchased their own! Y'all know who you are--wink, wink!

Day Designer has their flagship daily planner on their website, which is most like the one I prefer. I actually purchased my favorite Day Designer planner from Target. And it is still available at Target in stores and online for $19.99 I actually like the cheaper, Target version more--mainly because of the day layout. Look at these differences below:

Flagship Daily Planner

Target Daily Planner

I am sure the flagship has other GREAT things about it...for one, I love the folder in the inside. The planner is hardbound. And, I think there are other helpful tools, resources, and pages to guide you well and help you with goals, planning, and time management.

ANYWAY! I have LOVED this planner. I cannot recommend it enough. I actually started using it again this summer, as I have been the busiest I have ever been in my entire life. I love seeing the paper in front of my face--writing it down with my hands with an actual pen and paper keeps the chaos organized.

BUT, since January 2021, I have also been working hard with my family to get totally electronic! It is serving us well--also thanks to my husband, who is a black-belt ninja time manager. I have tried years before to go electronic, and it just didn't work well. But now that our older kids are doing things, setting meetings with teachers, going on trips, and such...whew--I see the need! Also, Gray and I have been sharing our work meetings, personal plans, and putting important priorities on the calendar and protecting them in this busy season--family nights, dates with kids, dates for us, times with friends. We have seen the beauty of sharing a calendar. So, we really have gone electronic. Well...until this summer, I was primarily electronic, but still using my favorite things about Day Designer planner. Let me explain...

A few months back--when we were really focused on getting electronic, I drew out, designed, and planned my personal favorite parts of my Day Designer planner. It is more of a weekly sheet. I use this one piece of paper for my whole week along with our electronic calendar. And, this is one of the awesome gifts I am sharing as we celebrate Fitness for the Field this month!!!!<