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Studying the Book of Revelation

The kids and I started studying the book of Revelation this past Monday.

About a month ago, as the kids and I were coming up on finishing our study of 1 & 2 Corinthians, I started thinking about what we would study and do next. I had also shared on social media about some of our Bible Studies and devotions, and I had a few good conversations with other moms about studying the Word with kids and good resources. Specifically, my friend Amy and I were talking about what to study with kids our ages and multiple kids. She was also ending a study with her kids about the same time. She shared with me that she let each kid cast a vote on a book of the Bible by writing a book on a paper and she drew what they would do--it was Revelation. 😳 She asked me if I had any recommendations on Revelation, and I didn't.

However, immediately, a talk that I had heard on Revelation came to mind--it was by David Platt a few years previously in a small setting with IMB personnel. He shared a different perspective of Revelation that I had never heard before, and it really changed my perspective on this book is a very good way. I tried to find a sermon, article, or post he might have shared that was similar in nature with this talk, but I couldn't. Instead, I referred to the notes I took from that talk, and here are the main points that got me excited personally about reading Revelation. They now get me excited to read this book with my kids (ages 8 - 15).

  • Revelation was NOT written for charts, division, confusion, etc...Revelation's primary purpose was to give unshakable hope for Christians that were suffering-that hope is that Christ conquered death, shame, and sin. He will raise us up to reign with Him.

  • Revelation is revealing the kingdom that will never be destroyed!

  • Revelation was written to encourage unwavering holiness in a seductive culture. There are 10 different demands to keep commands and holiness--this is a calling to obey and stay faithful more than a "revealing of heaven."

  • Revelation was written for the church--so many pictures of wrath and judgement--"you do NOT toy with the holy!"

  • Revelation was written to refute deception in church.

  • Revelation was written to fuel mission among the nations.

  • Revelation was written to give BOLDNESS for sharing the Gospel--you don't get persecuted if you are not sharing the Gospel. The temptation is strong to not share the Gospel, but in Revelation we are exhorted to be BOLD!

As Amy and I talked back and forth and shared what we were finding, I got excited to read and lead my kids in studying this book! I am glad to introduce my kids to Revelation and share a different perspective and way to read it with them. I pray they will get a taste over these 3 weeks of the hope, the kingdom, the holy, the boldness, and so much more that God has in store.


Here is what our family is doing these last 3 weeks (15 days) of school, some of which we have done this week:


We started with The Bible Project Book or you can use a print out to look at the overview!

We watched The Bible Project Overview of Revelation, Part 1, Rev 1-11.

We watched The Bible Project Overview of Revelation, Part 2, Rev 12-22.



Wint's notes from the sermon

I could not find a sermon similar to the talk I heard a few years ago, but there are a few sermons on Revelation on Radical. However, this is the sermon I chose to watch with my kids (same as the link above). This sermon is a great place to start if you want to jump into reading Revelation or if you are doing a Bible study plan and you get to Revelation. Platt shares 48 characteristics of Jesus in Revelation and 2 exhortations. I recommend watching it and looking at Revelation in a different way!



We read Revelation 1 together as a family, breaking it up in different sections and talking about each section as we went.



Today, we read Revelation 2-3 together, breaking it up in different sections and talking about each church as we went.



Tomorrow, we will read Revelation 4-5 together as a family, and talk about each section as we go.

We will continue to read through Revelation each day, by reading 2-3 chapters at a time until the end of May. As we finish Chapter 11, we will rewatch the Bible Project's first video again. Then, we will finish the rest and watch the second video again. And, that is how we are taking on Revelation! I hope this might encourage you to consider reading it or any other book of the Bible together as a family.


to be continued....

Next week, I will share more about what we are doing together. We are reading brief "Biographies" as well. The Lord beautifully tied them in with what we are doing with Revelation earlier this week.

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