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Smoothies for Kids

My kids LOVE smoothies! Now that it is warming up, I've started making them for them a little more often. Here's the recipe I use that makes 5 larger size smoothies. It is my go-to best smoothie recipe for kids. Even if you don't have 5 kids, you could make this for your whole family, half it for your kids, or adjust in anyway good for you!

Chocolate Peanut Butter

(Best in this order!)

200g bananas (frozen)

50g spinach (frozen)

1 cup rolled oats

100g chocolate protein powder

100g peanut butter

20g chia seeds

1 liter of milk (1000mL or 1 quart)

ice--a few handfuls

Blend and enjoy!

I use a scale when making smoothies--that is why most of my recipe is in grams. You can see how I use the scale in the time lapse video and explained in a longer video also in this post. Once I learned about using a scale for smoothies, I feel in love with it--it is a great weigh (haha) to make smoothies the same recipe each time without all the measuring cups and things to wash!

To see the recipes I use for

my favorite two post workout smoothies,

This post also includes a little more information

about protein and links to

some of my favorite protein powders.

Here is a video that explains and walks you through how to use the scale to make the smoothies. I made this video while living in India...actually all of these pictures are from India too! For a while there, for my kids, I used chocolate Pediasure--it was readily available there and it was cheaper than protein powder. Otherwise, I do use regular protein powder for my kids.


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