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Revelation Wellness® -- It's NOT about the fitness

Updated: May 15, 2019

Sometimes I have a hard time explaining Revelation Wellness, especially trying to summarize it in a quick answer to a question. I think at a quick glance or introduction, one might think it is about food or fitness. But it is not just about food or fitness. It is about faith! Revelation Wellness is about freedom. Radical Freedom!

I became a Revelation Wellness Instructor in the fall of 2018, and here is my testimony of the radical freedom I experienced from the ministry and especially as I went through instructor training.

I am so thankful that Alisa Keeton embraced the uncomfortable and followed the Lord's call for her to lead others in freedom. She is such an incredible speaker, teacher, encourager, challenger, mentor, and leader!

Alisa Keeton, founder of Revelation Wellness®

I love fitness.  I love being well.  Sure, there have been plenty of times that I have slid over into an unhealthy relationship with food.  Yes, there have been times I have neglected my body and not taken care of it.  I also have been guilty of obsessing over food and fitness at times too.  But, for the most part, I have a healthy relationship with both food and fitness and have most of my life.  I haven’t been in a place of bondage longing for freedom in those areas. 

So, as I was introduced to Revelation Wellness, my love grew for this ministry because fitness is a hobby and such a delight. I pursued becoming an ambassador because I wanted to use this hobby and passion and be equipped so that I could share the Word and Gospel with others that need to know the freedom of the Lord and come to salvation in a creative and different way that I love.  But, in my journey of becoming an instructor, I found a different kind of bondage in my life.  I knew that I was in bondage to man’s approval, but going through instructor training, I realized that these chains had a stronger hold on me than I ever knew.  I realized that even as I had spent more than 10 years living overseas sharing about the freedom I have in Christ, the enemy and my own mind were binding me tighter in the shackles of my fear of man. 

As I went to retreat, it was so clear that this was my freedom cry—to be set free from the bondage of fear of man.  I cried tears and claimed this freedom.  I begged God for this freedom.  But, I also struggled with unbelief during the week at retreat.  I knew that I had begged God for many years to set me free from this, and that for many years, I remained in bondage, and that stronghold grew so much tighter.  I knew that there is something special that happens at retreats and camps.  I feared that I would claim freedom, but as I left that mountain and entered back into my reality that those shackles would still hold me.  I feared even more that as I returned to the foreign land, where my struggles seem even stronger, I would still be bound. 

So, during retreat, I prayed and asked the Lord, “I know you can set me free, and I believe you can do it.  But, Lord, help me in my unbelief.  Please, Lord, help me in my doubting.  I am so sorry I doubt.  I am so sorry I don’t fully believe.  Please bring me further along to live in fear of you only and to live in freedom.”  I did not leave retreat sure that I was free from this strong bondage.  But, I did leave retreat hopeful, prayerful, and believing more and more.  I left sober-minded, not just with a mountaintop experience that doesn’t last. 

The work God did in my heart during retreat was so good and amazing, and it has lasted.  And, He continued to do a work.  Now, here I am just 2 months shy of retreat. I have waited until I was sure and convinced that I am healed from that bondage to testify of this freedom.  But, I am ready to stand and boldly testify of my radically found freedom!  Though it still tries to bind me, I have already had victories. I have already been bold.  I have already risked losing man’s approval.  I. AM. FREE.  I have a renewed mindset that is bold and joyful and free.  So, I testify that Revelation Wellness is ALL about freedom…and for sure, it is NOT just about the food or the fitness.

Community -- Family -- Better Together

"Something happens when you move your body." Alisa Keeton

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