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My Favorite Podcasts

I enjoy listening to podcasts. I like to listen to them especially when folding laundry, on a walk, cooking, showering, driving, and many other times. I have learned a lot from podcasts.

Here are 5 of my favorite podcast shows, and I hope you might check them out. I am not just highlighting the show, I am actually going to put a link to one of my favorite shows from the podcast so you can have a place to start! Enjoy!


Revelation Wellness by Alisa Keeton

Being a First Responder and Not a Reactor

I love Revelation Wellness! It is a ministry that uses fitness as a tool to share the Gospel. These podcasts are grounded in the Word. There is a variety of types--some are general teaching. There is a "Be Still and Be Loved" that walks you through breathing, mindfulness (that thinks on truth), and being still before the Lord. My favorites are "Reving the Word" podcasts where Alisa Keeton teaches you and challenges you through a portion of scripture as she also workouts with you and sometimes leads you in intervals and challenges. This particular podcast is a "Reving the Word,"an endurance one, so go on a walk or run and turn it on! This First Responder One is so good as it challenges us to think through how to have godly and right responses to many things thrown our way instead of quick reactions.


Ask Pastor John

Ten Principles for Personal Productivity

I love the "Ask Pastor John" podcasts because they are short nuggets where John Piper talks through and discusses issues people have asked about. This particular one he is sharing some of his personal resolves. I have listened to this one over and over a few times--very good principles.


The Gospel Coalition

Jen Wilkin on Training a Child in the Way He Should Speak

The Gospel Coalition produces so many podcasts on a wide variety of topics. There is always something good that encourages me and grows me in knowledge and in applying the Word to my life. This particular podcast is very practical in challenging us as parents in how we might live and teach our kids and be examples for them in living intentionally and sharing life and the Gospel with others.


Made for This Podcast by Jennie Allen

Live Unoffendable