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Fitness for the Field T-shirts

T-shirts are available for purchase for a limited time!

Here are a few specifics you need to know when ordering a t-shirt!

  • The shirts are available in limited supply and available only while in stock! This is not a merchandise line--just a fun way to celebrate! They will no longer be available for purchase in October or when we run out of shirts.

  • Because our site is not equipped for merchandise, we've had to get a little creative of how to make these shirts available for sale! Please pay careful attention to what size you are ordering!!! If you do not see the size you want, we have sold out of that size already--so, so sorry! Please go up or down one size. These shirts seem to be true to size--cotton, unisex.

  • The $20 price includes handling, packaging, and shipping for US domestic purchases.

  • If you are using a different shipping address than the one you submit with your payment, please send us an email at with the mailing address you would like the shirt to be sent to--please do this at the time of payment, as we will be mailing shirts out soon after we receive the order.

  • If you are living overseas, I especially encourage you to have your shirt delivered to a US location or a person that might travel your way. If you really want it shipped internationally, we will ship, but we ask you to pay the full shipping payment confirmed at the post office. We have seen this to be between $14 & $35 (flat rate envelope), depending on location.

  • AND! If you are not yet a member, your shirt purchase will also give you access to 2 weeks of membership--it starts immediately with purchase!


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