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Christmas Workouts & New Year Options!

I hope you have checked out the Christmas workouts!

Give them a try over these next couple of weeks--

I know they will stir up your joy and that you'll enjoy moving with me!


Here are some options I would love for you to consider for 2024--

Let's get after good health together! I'd be honored to journey with you!

BIG OPTION #1 - TWR Book Study

The Wellness Revelation Book Study--This book study is one of Brandy's FAVORITE ways to help people in their pursuit of health and fitness! This study is not merely a physical pursuit to lose weight, eat healthier, implement good workout habits, which are all VERY good things, and this study does address those things!!!  This study goes far beyond those things—it is a spiritual journey of faith! Participants process through some deep topics, learn how to renew their minds, seek the Lord and His plan, learn how to process through emotions and use them for their good, and also get back to the foundational principles for health. The world and social media is SO loud, and we are so confused! Let's puruse clarity for our food and fitness in a way that honors the Lord. Let's allow Him preeminence in these areas!


This study will certainly give you a NEW and DIFFERENT perspective on health and wellness. To get something different, you have to do something DIFFERENT!  Brandy believes this study is foundational for good health.  She is leading the study on Tuesdays, kicking off with the Intro on Tuesday, January 2, and finishing the study February 27. Each week, we will discuss one week’s chapter--we will meet online on Tuesdays from 6:30am - 8am EST (check your time zone for where you are living!!!).


Sign-ups are already open (look for TWR Study -- use "field" only if you are a coworker) Sign-ups close when all spots are filled or January 9.  You will receive all information after you complete registration by payment.  

AND, for the first time, I am offering a One-on-One option! I will journey through the book with you one-on-one in January and February--we will set up a weekly time to meet for one hour--just the two of us--look for the "TWR One-on-One" - it is the last option on the payment page at this time. This One-on-One pricing is the same for everyone (field/coworkers and anyone else)!


This is absolutely my favorite way to get to know members of Fitness for the Field more personally! The group is such a fun option, and I also look forward to doing this One-on-One with people! Have any questions? Send me an email at I can also send you a longer, more detailed email about the study that might help you make a decision.

Oh, please do this with me--it is so very great!


Option #2 - PICK A CALENDAR!!!

Every month I publish a new, fresh calendar for the month, and I will drop one on December 31 to be available for you to get after it on January 1. You'll also get a new email to let you know about the new workouts and new choreogrpahy for the month! I love the new goodness each month! You can enjoy that January Calendar!!! HOWEVER, if you'd like to go ahead and pray and consider some of my BEST monthly calendars, I would like to highlight these three and ask you to consider one of them!!!

#1 - 30 min, 30 days. I only ask you to workout for 30 minutes everyday of the week with one REST day! This helps cut the excuses and you can COMMIT to 30 minutes. Push play and DO IT! I provide you will a good program for strength, cardio, and stretching! Give it a try, please!

#2 - Strength focus! Strength is really what is most needed in our workouts. In this calendar, I give you my best metcon & strength workouts with stretching & other variety to shake out the muscles you've been strengthening! I have intentionally built in shorter days, more rest days, and some stretching. Trust me with this one!

#3 - Start/Restart Calendar - This is for those of you who have been sitting it out for a while...whether that is life, depression, "too tired," or just neglecting your health day after day. DO NOT jump into so crazy commitment. Please start or "restart" the year in a gentle and kind way with me. I give you what you need in this calendar to get successful. 4 days a week is winning! I have chosen some of the BEST Messages and the best workouts for when you are coming back. Please do something different and start gentl and kind for 2024!!!



Invite someone over to workout WITH you! Use the Engage Workouts and Guide. I poured my heart into this in 2022, and I believe this really is a great tool for you to use to share the Gospel with your neighbors and friends. I LOVE using fitness as a tool to share the Gospel by leading local workouts! AND, I want you to be able to use this too--you do NOT have to live in Redhill with me! You do NOT have to become a fitness professional! Just invite someone over to workout with you. Push play on these videos. I've done the work for you! Are you living in a different country and culture with a different language?!?!? NO problem, fitness is very physical, people can follow my body movements (I have led workouts with participants that do not speak my language--this past year with a Ukranian woman--they mirror me). Then, you can translate and still have a great workout and conversation. You only need to speak English!

People ALL OVER THE WORLD are looking for ways to get healthy in 2024--you know that!!! I bet you have seen so many health resolutions are made. New gym memberships started. People are READY to workout and start getting after it the beginning of the year!!! SO, take advantage of this special month and time and workout in a way that you can share the Gospel. I deliver the message, and you have a SHORT guide to help you ask questions that are designed to lead to Gospel conversations!

Download the guide today on this page, so you can plan -- I give you the equipment list, workout descriptions, a few simple recipes, and questions for each workout. And let me know if you do it. I will pray for you and your neighbors, friends, and more!!!


Lastly, I'd love to ask you to consider giving to Fitness for the Field. Just before Thanksgiving, I explained that I do not make any profit from this, and I humbly asked for your partnership and financial support. If you'd like to read more details you can read that here. I will leave the options for giving up through the end of December. Thank you!


I continue to ask that you all be filled with peace during Advent! I pray you keep your eyes, heart, and minds focused on JESUS, our Savior King, and celebrate that salvation came to you on Christmas day!

I absolutley LOVE the New Year and New beginnings! I hope you will consider journeying with me whether that is doing the TWR book study, using the workout calendars and library, using Engage with a friend, or just staying in touch and letting me know what you are doing to be fit, healthy, and to keep those pursuits HOLY & ETERNAL! 😘. Blessings!!!

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