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🎄💪🏽❤️ December Workouts ❤️💪🏽🎄

The Holidays are here, and I have some Christmas workouts for you!

I hope you check them out and have fun working out with me this month!

I am leading you through some of my favorite Christmas songs - some choreographed by me and others by my fellow Revelation Wellness instructors--some of my favorites are in this video! Grab your drumsticks (or rulers, wooden spoons, chopsticks) and weights and push play!

This is a great cardio workout and stirs up our JOY--I hope you will be like the wisemen and rejoice exceedingly with great joy during Christmas!

This is a great cardio workout, and my youngest boys joined me for this one. I highly recommend you encouraging some kids to move in joy with you for this one. You will have FUN & laugh together!

This stretching video reflects on 1 John 4:9, and we reflect on God love being manifest that He sent His Son into the world! Join me right by my Christmas tree!


ALSO!!! Here are some videos of just wonderful Christmas songs!

This is my all-time favorite Christmas movement song! I hope and pray you will push play and move with me! Worship and Enjoy! Adore your Savior King!

Grab your weights (or bottles of me 😉 - We were traveling and on vacation) and strengthen your body while worshipping to this song!

More weights...and a fast strength song--especially for your upper body! Don't grab too heavy of weights--it is FAST! Challenge yourself to not sling weights, but "place" them quickly.

As always, you will find all of these songs together in the "New Videos of the Month" part of the Workout Library. If you are visiting this page after December, you will find the current month's workouts as each month is refreshed.


There is a NEW Workout Calendar for December 2023! This calendar has all of these workouts and MORE for a well-rounded plan for the month! I hope and pray the calendar will bless you as you get after good health and habits!

I pray that you will be filled with hope, joy, peace, & love this Advent as you celebrate the Savior's birth. Jesus is the greatest treasure of all, and I am so thankful God sent Him to save us from our sins!

I hope you enjoy working out with me in December! I have a lot of fun Christmas workouts--I hope they all might stir you up with some joy, love, & goodness these holidays! I love you! 😘

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