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The Power of Fire

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Our neighbor's apartment was destroyed by fire a little over a year ago. We lived on the 5th floor in #504, and her flat/apartment was #502. It was a traumatic event for our family. Last month, we reflected and talked about this, as it had been a year since the fire occurred. Since then I've been considering telling more of that story here.

Gray and Sarala had just returned back home from the US. Gray had a week of meetings in Richmond, VA, and for Sarala's birthday, she traveled with him to Raleigh, stayed one week with her grandparents in NC, and went on a trip with her cousins and grandmother to New York City. Gray came back to Raleigh, picked her up, and they traveled back home to me and the boys and landed after midnight on March 13th, the day after Sarala's birthday. Sarala and Gray went to bed for what they could sleep that night after traveling over the ocean. We had somewhat of a "normal" day on the the 13th, as normal as you can have with 2 jet-laggers in the house. Later that evening, we were settling down for one of our family favorite meals overseas: Mexican, and we were going to have cupcakes afterward to celebrate Sarala's birthday. Dinner was basically ready and I was putting it on the table, but not surprising to anyone in our family, and a common occurrence for our family, I was missing one key thing for our meal--tortillas! Gray offered to run to our market--it was maybe 100 yards from our door to grab some. When he opened the door, there was a LOT of smoke, and we knew there was a fire!

Sending Sarala a birthday message as she traveled home--a little over 24 hours before the fire.

Gray yelled for everyone to get out, and we also got our dog. For a split second, I knew I needed to think of what to grab. My purse was a foot from where I was standing, but I didn't grab it. Our computers were right there on the shelf behind the dinner table, but we didn't grab them. We have lived and traveled abroad for more than 15 years, and we didn't grab our passports--I know! What in the world?!?!?! We grabbed our kids and dog and phones and got out! All the kids ran down the stairs--it was all happening SO fast! Also true to family dinner times, our kids were making rounds through showers. As I hit the stairwell I turned to Gray to ask if he had seen all of the kids leave. In the rush of sending kids out the door we realized we didn't know who had left and remembered the last place we saw Parks was in the shower. Quickly there in the hallway I grabbed Gracie (the dog) from Gray, and with the front door locked, Gray ran back to go inside the apartment after Parks, whom we assumed did not make it out of the shower. It was already so black with smoke that he could not see to get the key in the keyhole. He flipped this wooden door stop which attaches to the door frame to prevent door slams from the sea breezes, so he would be able to find his way out--so, our door was propped open. Parks was not in there--when Parks heard the commotion and realized there was a fire, he put his clothes on and bolted out the door and was the first one out--he had always been terrified of fire. When Gray entered and ran to the bedroom, he did not see him in the house. He opened the dining window and looked down to the parking lot and saw all the kids were down there waving and asking where Mom was at, so he got out as fast as he could. I cannot explain how fast all of this was happening--I still had not made it down the stairs with the dog. With the door propped open, our house was filling up with smoke so quickly. At this point, Gray was crawling out and covering his face with his shirt to get out. Gray remembers pulling the door shut but not realizing the door stop was still in place he kept running (blind at this point) to get to the stairs. Our door remained open, and our entire house (just under 1000 square feet) continued to fill with smoke for almost an hour and then the main entry and front rooms were also filled with water from the fire hoses (coming from our neighbor's home and out her front door) as the firemen finally extinguished the fire.

The kids and I were on the front side of the house and we could not see the main fire. We could only see the smoke pouring through our dining window, as the curtains were blowing out with it where Gray had opened it to count kids previously. I was sure those curtains and everything else was going up in flames, and I was truly okay with it. I was so very thankful to God that our family and our neighbors (from the home with the fire) were outside that I did not care at all about what happened to any thing in our house. Gray was on the other side of the building watching the fire and talking with other neighbors. The kids, dog, and I went to dear friends' home, Chuck and Barb, and they took very good care of us for the next few days, allowing us to stay in their home, feeding us, caring for us, and it was just so great to be WITH them.

Setting the kids up with a video at our friends' home. Look at Sarala's Bible Study!

Another wild part to the story was that our neighbors in #501 and #503 did not get out of their apartments. (If you look very carefully at the fire picture at the top of the post to the left of the fire, you can zoom in, you will see the man on the balcony.) By the time they realized what was happening (about the time when Gray was crawling out the door), and they saw all the black smoke, they were scared to leave and they decided to just stay in their homes on their balconies for almost an hour, talking and texting to neighbors and family members hoping they would be all right. They were frightened to death as they waited it out.

Later that night, Gray and our friend Chuck went to our house to try to see what the damage was. Of course there was no power, and they tried to get the water off of the floor and furniture. We were scheduled to leave for Thailand in a few days. We knew it would be good to just get away, wait for some building repairs (we were at the mercy of our society complex for some things like water and power), and then come back and work. It really was so good for us--especially our kids--to have that time away to rest and process through. We spent the next few days cleaning as much as possible and packing for Thailand.

Our kids had new fears, wonders, and thoughts, and it was good to process and give some time before they saw our home. We did not know what a gift and good thing that trip to Thailand was, but the Lord certainly did. Before we returned, we were able to find a temporary, furnished apartment where we could stay in the building next to ours while we cleaned, worked, waited on the painters, and could move back into our home.