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Bodyweight Circuit Workout

I am so glad to share a new workout with you! My friend Sara joined me in recording this, and it was SO FUN to record a workout with a friend to share with friends! We would love for you to workout with us!

This is one of my favorite bodyweight circuit workouts because it is very scalable, meaning you can easily take different options (easier or harder) to make this workout be the best for you. I talk through different options throughout the workout.

You will need a chair and a mat or towel. Enjoy!

Please use this workout and make it work for you and what is best for you. You can start at beginner level and ease your way to more advanced. I use a timer that you can hear throughout the video, so you can also take harder options for half of the exercise and easier options for the other half. There are so many ways you can vary this workout--have fun with it!


Would you like to film a workout with me? I usually have a few tucked in the back of my mind and planning for the future. It really is fun to do them together, so I'd love it if you are up to filming with me. Send me an email...or I might just ask you or invite you to do it with me like I did with Sara! Would you be up for it? Let me know!

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