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God wants to be preeminent in all areas of our lives including the areas of fitness and nutrition! Fitness for the Field is passionate about sharing this message with others and reminding ourselves and those around us of the holy and eternal purposes of our fitness pursuits!  Fitness for the Field uses fitness as a tool to engage our neighbors, encourage our workers, and empower our supporters.  

Fitness for the Field serves its members with the following services:

  • Workout Calendars of a complete fitness program of a variety of workouts:  Metabolic & HIIT, Strength, Cardio, Kickboxing, Choreography, Stretching & Flexibility, and more!  Members have access to a library of workouts and are welcome to join local workouts!  We encourage you to find things you enjoy and have fun doing!  Your fitness is a "get to!"

    • We have specific calendars to help you with specific goals.​​

  • Resources for using fitness as a tool to engage your neighbors.

  • The Wellness Revelation & The Body Revelation book studies by Alisa Keeton, which lays a strong foundation for walking in freedom and obedience in the areas of food and fitness. 

  • One-on-one coaching sessions for those desiring to go deeper in goal setting, claiming a vision, engaging their neighbors, being intentional in their lives, and more! 


We especially desire to help women living and serving overseas in fitness and wellness.  We are holistic beings, and our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health are all connected.  We must steward our health and fitness so that we might be healthy for serving and preaching the Good News.  We love to help those living outside their passport countries do fitness and nutrition well.  

Our services are certainly not limited to field workers, and we welcome anyone that desires to walk in obedience and freedom in our fitness and nutrition pursuits.  Together, we fight the tendencies to obsess or neglect in the areas of nutrition or fitness.  We all will be challenged to use fitness as fuel for our work, keeping us healthy for our jobs, roles, callings, and places of service for which the Lord has called us.  We especially value our monthly subscribers as they greatly support this service for field workers that are on the field.  

Come join us!  We would love to journey together!  


Members have access to workout calendars with links to private workout videos.  The calendars provide suggested "workout plans" based on different goals The variety calendar aims to give you a well-rounded program for overall fitness that includes a lot of different types of workouts. 

In addition, members have access to a library of workouts categorized by type.  You are always free to make your own selections and make fitness work for you.  

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Workout Calendar - FfF page

facilitated by Brandy 

Brandy leads

online book studies on

The Wellness Revelation &

The Body Revelation

by Alisa Keeton a few times a year.  

The next studies are:

TWR - May - June 2024

TBR - Sep - Nov 2024

TWR - Sep - Oct 2024

If you are interested in doing a study,

subscribe to get Fitness for the Field updates

to be notified when registration opens.

Spaces are limited,

so be sure to sign up early

if you are interested.

To learn more about this book study, visit

or contact Brandy.

TWR - FfF page


Would you like more help

with your nutrition and fitness? 

Would you like more help with personal goals, creating a vision, or managing your time?

Do you have questions about how to use fitness to engage your neighbors?  

Brandy would love to help you! 

It is one of her favorite things to encourage and help others do life better!  She would love to journey with you and cheer you on!

*You must have completed

The Wellness Revelation book study with Brandy before One-on-One Coaching

or select coaching along with the book study.

Coaching - FfF page



Fitness for the Field provides you with specific workout videos, an optional guide, and support on how to help you use fitness as a tool for engaging your neighbors.  

All you need to do is invite a friend over and push play on a video.  Or you may chose to do the workouts for yourself.  We want to help you use fitness as a tool to share the Gospel and other Biblical truths with others.   


May we all make God preeminent in our

food and fitness pursuits &

keep these pursuits holy and eternal.

Engage - FfF page
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