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Life is Pain: You Get to Choose!

This quote has been very powerful in helping me make some good choices because I know the pain of regret. There is no way to avoid the pain of these--we will have one or the other--think through it for a minute and see if it's true--discipline or regret. I know it is for me. And, for me, I have never regretted when I choose the pain of discipline, but oh, how I have hated the pain of regret.

This quote has helped me choose the "pain" of getting up early in the mornings when I'd rather sleep in, because I know the pain of regret when I wake up late and then I know the regret that leads to:

  • missing some great opportunities in my day

  • rushing and fussing at my kids

  • not had time with the Lord that affects my day (and everybody else's too)

  • caused me to be on the defense instead of offense

This quote has helped me choose the pain of making my time with the Lord a priority--might mean waking up even earlier or putting something else aside--because I have tasted the pain of

realizing I slipped into unhealthy patterns and thinking that was a result of not having consistent